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ThreeMedia is a hybrid CDN platform. Utilizing Satellite to beam LIVE and On-Demand media, our mediaPOP (Point Of Presence) nodes offer scalable LIVE and On-Demand media streaming service anywhere a satellite dish can be installed.

Innovative Solution

mediaPOP is an innovative solution designed for small to medium size service providers, this scalable platform can deploy streaming server nodes closest to subscribers.

Fast Time To Market

mediaPOP hybrid CDN network can be deployed quickly thus services can be launched quickly. Redeploy mediaPOP nodes according to subscribers service consumptions.

Future Proof

Forget the large CAPEX requirements to roll out an OTT service. ThreeMedia's mediaPOP requires little or no CAPEX. Delivered as a cloud based service, we may have a mediaPOP near your subscribers.

Highly Scalable

The mediaPOP platform is highly scalable. The capabilities of the nodes can be scaled easily and quickly according to subscribers consumptions. Scaled according the the POP sites of service providers, QOS is maintained without big pipelines to central streaming serving sites.

ThreeMedia's hybrid cloud based CDN network enables Service Providers to quickly deploy OTT services. Ideal for Satellite DTH PayTV operators, this platform facilitates OTT services by converting DTH into OTT media streams.

What You Want To Know

About Us

We are a part of an award winning company. Based out of Singapore and with operation presences in Jakarta. We are a dynamic bunch with a passion for innovating industry disrupting solutions.

  Some Awards won by our team :

APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Award - Singapore)
SiTF Wireless Challenge (2nd place)
CISCO Most Innovative WLAN Solution

  Some Projects our team have worked on :

MNC digital mobile TV trial
TrenMobile digital mobile TV trial
SingTel digital mobile TV Trial
PlazaTV FX MALL indoor digital mobile TV transmission

Where we are rolling out


The mediaPOP Hybrid CDN platform can be deployed throughout most of South East Asia. Service will start in Indonesia first.

We are working with partners to launch in IndoChina next. We will have updates here soon.

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned !

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